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A Healthy Community Includes Everyone

When all members of a community have a voice and purpose, everyone benefits. Community Living Kingston and District is working hard to help build an inclusive community where individuals with intellectual disabilities enjoy the same rights and privileges as others.

You deserve every opportunity to fulfill your goals and reach your full potential. We will help you get there by providing a support system and services to respond to your needs, goals and interests.

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Seeking Support

You are a vital part of your community. We’re here to help remove barriers, so that you have the same opportunities as anyone else.



We Advocate with You

We provide a support system, that includes service navigation, individualized planning and consultation as well as direct support and respite options. Together lets create possibilities.


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Volunteers Are Vital

There are many opportunities to be matched with people of all ages and abilities. We will find an appropriate role for you according to your availability, talents and interests.


Job Seekers

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We are always searching for professionals who are dedicated to enriching the lives of those we’re here to help.


Services in Support of Inclusiveness

We all strive to live a life filled with rich experiences, personal growth and opportunities. Our programs are designed to help you remove any barriers that are restricting your full inclusion while empowering you to live your life as independently as possible.


Child Care Resource Consultant Services


Community Inclusion Program


Family Home


Family Support


Residential Services




Employment Services


Community Services

Michelle is Inspiring Possibilities

Hear Michelle’s excitement about how the Community Inclusion Program helped her gain confidence and independence.

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It Takes a Village

Our community is made up of passionate staff, community partners, dedicated and committed volunteers and the families and individuals we serve. If you want to join our team as a staff member or appreciated volunteer, let us know.

Together we can do great things.

Some Impressions from People We Serve!

“We are the parents of 4 children with multiple and varied exceptionalities. We first got involved with Community Living about 20 years ago when our 2 older boys went to nursery school and had a Resource Consultant. The same Resource Consultant also helped our daughter when she went to nursery school. When the children started school we met a Family Support Worker that has been involved ever since. Although our youngest child doesn’t qualify for Community Living, the worker helps us with his challenges. Our family situation can be very overwhelming at times, but the help we’ve received from Community Living makes it a little easier. We don’t know what we would have done without them!”

Karen and Terry

“Community Living has become our FAMILY now that we are on our own as only children, mother and son, Karin & Nicolas. As an aging single parent, it is heartening to witness the care my son receives in residential services: from retaining private supports & activities to volunteering with Loving Spoonful, to achieving new levels of INTERdependence with his staff and community.”

Karin Steiner